Prices and Shipping Costs for Consumers

Mentioned on the product pages are final and include VAT. The shipping costs are calculated in the following overview:

Within DE:
- € 4.99 package, max 31.5 kg (L+B+H= 120*60*60cm)

Within EU:
- € 9.99 flat rate, max 0,5kg (L+B+H= 900mm, no side more than 600mm)
- € 24.99 package, max 5kg (L+B+H= 120*60*60cm)
- € 39.99 package, 10Kg max (L+B+H= 120*60*60cm)
- € 59.99 package, max 31.5 kg (L+B+H= 120*60*60cm)

- € 9.99 flat rate, max 0,5kg (L+B+H= 900mm, no side more than 600mm)
- € 14.99 package, max 1kg (L+B+H= 900mm, no side more than 600mm)
- € 59.99 package, max 5kg (L+B+H= 120*60*60cm)
- € 99.99 package, 10Kg max (L+B+H= 120*60*60cm)
- € 199.99 lump sum, max 31.5 kg (L+B+H= 120*60*60cm)

The shipment will be in accordance with the legal provisions for consumer goods is at our own risk. If the buyer the transport risk shall pass to this once the goods are handed over to the transport company.

For deliveries to non-EU countries additional duties, taxes and fees, which are payable by the customer and must be paid to the relevant customs and tax authorities. Please ask for the details before the order to the competent customs and tax authority.

Information can be obtained as below:
and specially for Switzerland

  The shipping fee includes not only the postage but all other costs of goods delivery, in particular:

- Staff costs
- Warehousing, logistics costs
- Transport Insurance
- Management, administration
- Packing material
- Forwarding, freight
- Service costs, customer service

Shipping is either DHL, German Post or DPD on the invoice/ delivery address.

For cargo pallets and oversized items we make you an individual offer at current prices. You benefit from our good terms with our logistics partners DHL.

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